Wendy is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Exercise Consultant, extensively trained in Pilates, Power Plate and Strength Training.

Wendy welcomes you to Eastside Studio, her passion is helping people to have optimum health and wellness. Wendy has personally love being involved in fitness and general wellbeing, and is dedicated to supporting you develop an effective plan of action when it comes to your training, nutrition and creating a positive mindset.


Wendy works with woman (and men) of all ages and stages, but is particularly focused on those of you that would love to have personal training but think that's only for the fit, young and slim. "Often people think they are too old, or overweight, or unfit to join a gym or have a personal trainer. This is why I created Eastside Studio to be a safe, comfortable place where you will feel completely supported and empowered." says Wendy.


You can work one-on-one ( or in small groups if its applicable), and together you will see an improvement in  your health, wellbeing, and fitness. You will feel and look different, and your life will take on an improved positive outlook very quickly.


Please call or email to make a time to come in and meet Wendy, or just to have a look around the studio. You are worth it.